The Growth of Battery Storage for the Off-Grid/Mini-Grid Market: What to Expect in 2019

Battery energy storage costs are falling quickly and those cost reductions are leading to more electrification of the areas of the world most in need of it. This creates what Bloomberg Analyst Logan Goldie-Scot says is a virtuous cycle, the more inexpensive batteries become, the more they are deployed, which leads to further reductions in cost. 

How are batteries impacting the world’s off-grid and mini-grid markets? Which technologies are poised to grow and in which markets? Join us for a webcast exploring the growth of battery storage and learn what to expect for the exciting global electrification segment of the electricity market.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Trojan Battery.

Presented by:

Logan Goldie-Scot

Team Leader, Energy Storage Insight, Bloomberg

Presented by:

Dr. Peter Lilienthal


Presented by:

Vicki Hall

Director of Technical Solutions Group, Trojan Battery