How EGSA Has Helped to Enhance the On-site Power Experience at POWERGEN

Experience on-site power at POWERGEN this year like never before!
In an expanded partnership, EGSA worked closely with the POWERGEN team to develop content specific for the on-site market, and bring EGSA member companies to the exhibit hall in the on-site power pavilion. Join the POWERGEN team and EGSA for a discussion on this year’s event and the on-site power experience. Learn more about the on-site experience at

Webcast Agenda:

  • Emcee – Marla Barnes
  • EGSA Viewpoint – Dennis Roundtree
  • PGI’s Audience Development Efforts to Attract Buyers for On-Site and Standby Power – Lauren Ocoma
  • Content Development to Meet Knowledge Needs of the On-Site/Standby Power Audience – Teresa Hansen
  • On-Site Power Pavilion Hosted by EGSA Exhibit Details
  • EGSA Basic School being co-located at POWERGEN – Jalane Kellough