A Grid Disrupted: How Optical Sensing Manages the Chaos with More Accurate, Digital Measurements

The grid is in chaos. In recent years, we’ve seen an explosive growth in DERs, microgrids and renewable integration. Extreme weather events are leading to longer, more frequent outages. A drier climate is creating hazardous wildfire conditions responsible for burning an average of over 7 million acres annually in just the US over the last decade. Storms, fire risks and the new distributed nature of the grid demands more real-time situational awareness than ever before.

Building a smarter, safer, more resilient grid that is ready for renewables starts and ends with real-time data, from more places on the distribution system. Enter non-conductive, highly accurate optical grid sensors — a new game changing technology that meets these new safety and data standards without introducing fire hazards. Join us to learn more about how utilities in the U.S. are using this ground-breaking technology to manage the chaos.

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