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VA investsfor decommissioning

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has placed $400 million into investment trust funds with three of Tennessee`s largest banks as part of its strategy to ensure funding for decommissioning its nuclear plants. "It is important to our ratepayers and to TVA`s competitiveness that we ensure there will be adequate funds to decommission these nuclear plants at the end of their operating lives," said Craven Crowell, TVA chairman.

On-site coatings facility cuts O&M costs

By Raul Alfonso and Dale Sielski, Tennessee Valley Authority, and Don Ochar, Sermatech International Inc.

New tensioning equipment saves critical path time in nuclear outage

Critical path time at Tennessee Valley Authority`s (TVA) Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant is estimated at $27,000 an hour. With a Cycle 7 refueling outage on Unit 2 scheduled for fall of 1994, the station`s outage planning management wanted to replace the plant`s original tensioning equipment with an updated system to avoid possible delays.

TVA exceeds CAAA NOx requirements

Power plant operators have had a number of years to plan and execute emissions control strategies for their operating units since the advent of the Clean Air Act Amendments. From dispatched-based solutions and coal switching to retrofit low-NOx burners and flue gas desulfurization, the alternatives and strategies have never been more diverse. Regardless of the path taken, power producers managing assets to control emissions all have one thing in common: complying with regulations at the lowest c


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