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ERCOT: Load impact of COVID-19 minimal so far

No one can doubt the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic on economic activity and burden to the health care industry. The fiscal hit and human tolls are enormous tragedies. One grid independent system operator’s...

ACCIONA teams up with Tenaska to develop 3 GW of solar PV and 1...

ACCIONA this week announced that it signed an agreement with energy developer Tenaska to acquire a portfolio of greenfield photovoltaic (PV) solar and energy storage projects in the U.S. The development portfolio comprises approximately 3,000 megawatts (MW) of...

Utility-scale wind energy ramping up for one of best years in U.S.

EIA data forecasts that U.S. wind capacity added this year should total 12.7 GW, by far the best since 2012’s record of 13.3 GW. That was the year the production tax credit (PTC) was originally supposed to phase out, although it was extended.

Proposed gas transport rules may help ISO New England deal with fuel security worries

Short-term, some new rulemaking announced by President Trump may help the region deal with a lack of natural gas pipeline access. Long term, the independent system operator may develop some new market incentives.

Negotiating the Power Delivery Squeeze for Midwestern Utilities

To understand how to approach the power gen dilemma, it is illustrative to look at the city of Lebanon, Ohio. Lebanon’s municipal utility illustrates both the opportunities and the challenges presented by today’s power markets. 

Renewable Hungry Companies need to get on the RTO ASAP

The report by recently rebranded Wind-Solar Alliance points out that more than 100 U.S. corporate buyers —members of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance — have set a goal of purchasing 60 GW of new U.S. renewable energy capacity by 2025. So far, since 2013, the companies have procured just over 13 gigawatts of renewable power.

Southwest Power Pool to Provide Reliability Coordination for Western Interconnection

Twenty-eight western utilities have already signed letters of intent expressing interest in SPP’s RC services.

Xcel Energy Pulls Out of Mountain West Transmission Group

Xcel is part of a utility group that originally planned to create a new regional transmission organization.

Mitsubishi Ends Year with 41 J-Series Turbines Shipped

One of the most high-profile J-Series installations in 2017 was at the Grand River Dam Authority plant in Oklahoma.

Enabling Large-Scale Renewables in the Western U.S.

The Northern Prairie region of the U.S. has an abundance of wind and wide-open spaces that could be used to develop large, wind-powered generation resources. While the Southern Prairie has developed such resources and continues to expand them in massive scale, the Northern Prairie has not.


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