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Improved Gas Turbine Component Design via Additive Manufacturing

Utilization of additive manufacturing for gas turbine component design has been demonstrated to accelerate design cycle times, reduce development test times, provide increased test data and serve to reduce overall time to final component release.

Biomass from Managed Forests Is Carbon Neutral

Many modern utilities may have a diverse portfolio of generating assets which often includes aging coal fired units which are nearing or at the end of their economic operating life.

NSR Reform: EPA’s Missed Opportunity

The New Source Review program of the Clean Air Act needs reform. In 2002, the Bush EPA attempted to reform the NSR program with common-sense changes such as exemptions for pollution control projects, routine maintenance, and clean unit tests.


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Fossil Fuel Use for Electric Generation Falls to Lowest Level Since 1994

Driven by massive declines in coal, overall fossil fuel use in electric generation fell to the lowest level since 1994, the Energy Information Administration reported.

Coal Plant Saves on Maintenance Upgrades and Operating Costs

By using the mobile demineralizer with InSight, the coal-fired power plant will gain $220,000 in annual operating cost savings.

Study Explores Impacts of High Wind and Solar Futures on Wholesale Power Markets

The study’s motivating question is whether certain electric-sector decisions that are made based on assumptions reflecting low VRE levels will still achieve their intended objective in a high VRE future.

Next Evolution of Plant Safety

The American Society of Safety Engineers reports workplace safety has plateaued over the last decade. This is true of the power industry, although significant strides have been made to protect workers. However, we cannot claim victory until we can drive the injury rate to zero.

A Cost Comparison of ZLD and Biological Treatment for FGD Wastewater

The ELG’s for FGD wastewater list two primary methods of treatment.

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