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PE Volume 122 Issue 6

Using Simulation to Drive Cultural Change and Operational Excellence

Rawhide Energy Station discusses the value of the simulator from both an operation and an engineering perspective and how it is helping to drive consistency, cultural change and continuous operational improvement.

A Big Data Future: Embracing Market Trends

By 2020, analysts expect bandwidth demands from online streaming services to have grown even larger. In the face of this rising demand, utilities must accept the changes to provide reduced costs and risks to ratepayers.

Cost Effective Turbine and Generator Dehumidification Strategies

Thermal power plant protocols for upgrading turbine-generator units specify guidelines for controlling humidity when the unit’s internal components are exposed during maintenance.

Energy Storage Not at Tipping Point: Thoughts on Why and When

Why are there not more battery energy storage systems being installed? At the current rate of growth, getting from 622 MW to 27 GW in eight years appears to be an impossibility.

Sisyphus and Yucca

Over time, the adjective “Sisyphean” has come to refer to actions that are difficult and ultimately futile. That’s the way I’ve come to feel about Yucca Mountain.

Japan Sets Ambitious Targets for Nuclear Energy

Japan’s government proposed an energy plan last month that sets ambitious targets for nuclear energy use in the coming decade despite challenges after the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

The African Power Sector: A Bright Spot for U.S. companies

SUB SAHARAN Africa’s power generation sector is expanding at an astonishing rate, and there has never been a better time for American companies to participate in this marketplace and be a part of its remarkable growth.

Cyber Security Programs: Design, Implementation & Controls, and Metrics & Measurements

Designing a cyber security compliance program for electric transmission substations and power generating plants brings unique technical, geographical and personnel challenges that are not typically seen in Information Technology departments and corporate environments

The Near-Term Outlook for Energy Storage

Both behind the meter and front-of-the-meter areas are growing, and by 2019, the US market for energy storage should exceed $1.2B, according to GTM and the Energy Storage Association.

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