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PE Volume 122 Issue 5

Achieving Emissions Compliant Performance

Conventional fossil fired boilers are being forced to meet stricter emissions limitations. The departure from the original design intent of the firing system and the aging of associated plant systems creates unique challenges when these boilers are modified to comply with lower emission limits.

Sensors and Remote Monitoring Enable Smarter Renewables

A growing investment in renewable energy and distributed energy resources (DER) is creating opportunities also for ongoing modernization of the grid – and the effort shows no signs of letting up.

All Eyes on Renewable Energy: Incentives, Investment and Integration

This paper reviews the conditions and process behind the rapid growth of renewable energy

Essential Reliability Services from Utility-Scale PV Power Plants

Tests conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory show that utility-scale photovoltaic plants are not only capable of providing essential reliability services that can enhance system flexibility and reliability without carbon emissions but can perform even better than conventional power plants.

Collaboration Key to Speedy Completion of New Gas Plant

A new gas-fired power plant equipped with five reciprocating engines was recently completed in Rochester, Minnesota. The project demonstrates why reciprocating engines are becoming increasingly popular for utility-scale power projects.

Mexico’s Combined Cycle Building Boom Relies on Advanced HRSGs

This article examines a $3.5 billion investment in new generation projects in Mexico, including the 890-MW Topolobampo II Combined Cycle Power Plant.

Wind Blade Testing

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory released a video demonstrating its wind turbine blade testing capabilities.

Once-In-Always-In is OUT

If your facility is classified as a major source of HAPs, but your actual emissions are below 10/25 tpy, you should re-evaluate your current permits to see if your facility could benefit from this change in policy.

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