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PE Volume 122 Issue 4

Cyber Security: Inside an Incident

If a cyber-attack occurs at a utility, the incident is likely not an isolated event.

Financial Challenges Impacting the Renewable Energy Industry

In 2017 alone, renewable energy provided a remarkable 18 percent of total U.S. power generation — doubling renewable power contributions in just 10 years.

Summer Sadness

The Demise of the Summer Project has been Particularly Painful to Watch.

To the Editor

Among the "...vastly different circumstances" that Russell Ray mentions in his opinion piece in the January 2018 edition of Power Engineering are dozens of existing qualifying facilities (QFs) that have not been advantaged by state renewable energy policies

A DCS Can Enhance Microgrid Controls

A DCS provides operations with the ability to view the status of the entire Microgrid in a common location.

Time to Replace Your Hydro Control System? Go With a Modern DCS

The average U.S. hydroelectric plant has been operating for 64 years. Such a lengthy service record shows the plants have staying power. But it also invites questions about aging hydro control systems.

Unlocking the Potential of Combined Cycle Plants

Operators are under increasing pressure to find ways to improve the dispatch capability of their combined cycle facilities.

The New Era of CHP

Gone are the days when only large industrial facilities consider CHP and utilities fight them tooth and nail.

Gallatin Environmental Integrity Program

As a result of new and more stringent environmental regulations, the power industry faces a twofold challenge to significantly reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other acid gases, mercury (Hg), particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from air emissions while concurrently eliminating wet disposal of ash generated by coal fired power plants.

Utilities Face New Cyberattack Threats on Control Systems

A new analysis of industrial control components used by utilities indicated 61 percent of them could cause “severe operational impact” if affected by a cyberattack.


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