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Climate Change Could Shift Wind Generation from Northern to Southern Hemisphere

The calculations revealed decreases in wind potential in the Northern Hemisphere’s mid-latitudes.

POWER-GEN Keynote Session Highlights Efficiency Gains Through Technology

The five keynote speakers at POWER-GEN International 2017 focused on making the most of a changing market through convergence and collaboration.

ICS Cybersecurity and the Devil’s Rope

Why have our best efforts to secure power plants fallen short? The answer is that we’ve taken an IT-centric versus a production-centric approach to industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity.

Mid-Sized New Generation: Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines or Combustion Turbine?

This article compares reciprocating engines to simple cycle combustion turbines for a nominal 50 MW gas-fired plant in the Midwest

Enabling Large-Scale Renewables in the Western U.S.

The Northern Prairie region of the U.S. has an abundance of wind and wide-open spaces that could be used to develop large, wind-powered generation resources. While the Southern Prairie has developed such resources and continues to expand them in massive scale, the Northern Prairie has not.

Current Topics in the North American RICE Industry

As the market continues to develop, new technologies have emerged that may impact the utilization of Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines in the near future.


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