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PE Volume 121 Issue 12

World’s First Floating Wind Farm Begins Operations

The world's first floating offshore wind facility has officially begun production.

Rare Radial Steam Turbine Rejuvenated

Precision reverse engineering resolves vibration issues

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Compressor and Dryer System

This article details the factors every power producer should consider when selecting a compressor and dryer system.

Tooled for Success

Inspecting the core shroud of a nuclear power plant is a challenging scenario that requires the most innovative inspection tools.

Mobile Gas Turbines: Quick and Reliable Emergency Power for Those in Need

This article details an innovative and effective mobile power station that can be airlifted to disaster zones and remote areas to bring power to those that need it the most.

Municipal Utility Saves Major Costs with Effective Risk Management

Our author explains how risk was managed in a scrubber installation at a Colorado power plant required to make a significant investment to comply with regional haze laws.

Duke Energy Hines Chiller Uprate Project

This unique uprate project that takes advantage of off-peak power demand at night to charge a thermal energy storage tank.

Know Thine Opponent

In this column, the author writes about new nuclear plants, specifically small modular reactors.

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