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PE Volume 121 Issue 10

POWER-GEN International 2017: Convergence and Collaboration

The power sector is on the cusp of unprecedented transformation, which is being driven by technological forces outside the power sector. It's not surprising, considering the convergence of digital solutions, power plant technologies and technical advancements in automation.

The Low Carbon Landscape: Flowers or Weeds?

The United States electric energy sector that includes utilities, independent power producers, public power authorities, renewable developers etc. has been traditionally considered a relatively safe and defensive investment due to its potential for providing a steady stream of dividend income.

Continuous, On-Line PD Monitoring for Generators

Breakdowns of the electrical insulation system have been documented to cause catastrophic failure of critical equipment. Partial Discharges (PD) are measured on rotating machines in order to prevent early failures occurring in stator insulation.

Protecting Your Steam Turbine from Corrosion

Many power plant personnel are aware that chemistry upsets in a steam generator may cause severe corrosion and failure of boiler waterwall tubes and other components.

HRSG Design to Meet Next Generation Cycling and Efficiency Requirements

The need for fast start up and cycling of combined cycle power plants in response to the growth of renewables is well understood in the power industry.

Are Ultracapacitors the Next Big Trend in Backup Generator Starting?

Among generator starting professionals, it is widely accepted that the most prevalent reason for generator set (genset) failure-to-start is issues with the lead-acid battery starting system.

Replace at Your Own Risk

The windshield wipers on that new car you bought a year ago are leaving that annoying streak right across your line of vision when it rains. No big deal, right? You stop by the auto parts store and pick up a new pair of wiper replacements.

NSR Reform: The Time is Nigh

Forces are at work to update the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) archaic and perplexing New Source Review (NSR) Rules. These rules, more so than greenhouse gas or mercury regulation, prevent power plants from making efficiency improvements, which would reduce emissions on a per megawatt basis.


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