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PE Volume 121 Issue 1

Embracing Change

POWER-GEN Keynote Session Highlights Industry's Changing Landscape 

Downtime Avoided

How One Plant Identified a Big Problem and Made Timely Repairs

While Neither Bottom Dog nor Bellwether, the Plant Condenser Carries its Weight

A big stride forward towards energy efficiency at your plant begins with understanding how essential the plant condenser is to the overall operation of the unit.

Puzzle Pieces: The Place of Renewables in an Evolving Energy Landscape

Every year-usually in January-the editors of Power Engineering (PE) magazine like to step back and look at renewable energy through a wide-angle lens.

Spray Dryer/Fabric Filter Installations

Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned

BEST NEW Projects of 2016

Overall POTY 2016 natural gas-fired poty 2016 -Overall Project of the Year (POTY) and Natural Gas-fired POTY-Dominion Virginia Power's 1,358-MW, natural gas-fired Brunswick County Power Station relies on Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems M501GAC combustion turbines in a 3-on-1 combined-cycle arrangement.

Nuclear Power and Renewable Energy: Fast Friends or Strange Bedfellows?

Each year about this time, we spend a large part of an issue discussing renewable energy. Something about renewable energy harmonizes nicely with the prospect of happy days ahead.

Converting to Gas Generation is No Slam Dunk

As the country makes its inexorable move from coal to natural gas electricity production, the headlines are filled with power plant conversion announcements. 

Cybersecurity in the Power Industry: Why Should You Care?

We have all seen it. "Tonight, on news at 6 -- a big retailer has lost millions of credit card numbers."  

Industry News

GE Power Announces $660 Million in Orders at POWER-GEN General Electric on Dec. 13 announced more than $660 million in orders for GE Power, including equipment for the gas-fired Riverside power plant expansion project in...


Industry News