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PE Volume 120 Issue 9

Advanced Materials and Processes for the Next Generation of Gas Turbine Design

Gas turbines have become an increasingly important part of the U.S. power generation mix, especially as regulatory and market trends have made gas turbines much more competitive in terms of price and emissions signature, relative to alternatives such as coal power generation.

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PG&E Files Plan to Shut Down Nuclear Plant A joint proposal was filed in California that lays a roadmap for increasing energy efficiency, renewables and storage while phasing out production at the Diablo Canyon power...

Saving for a Sunny Day: Shaving Peak Demand with Utility-Scale Energy Storage

Boothbay, Maine is the kind of town that still has general stores. And not any ordinary general stores-general stores with screen doors, and front porches, and rocking chairs. 

Duke Energy Completes Los Vientos Wind Power Projects

After more than four years, the last of the Los Vientos wind power projects in Texas has been completed by Duke Energy Renewables. 


Nuclear Electronic Monitoring Units CMR Group has launched a new series of electronic monitoring units for the nuclear power industry. The S-Unit range has been specifically designed by CMR for the simple and effective condition monitoring...

Optimizing CCR Waste Management through a Eurosilo Application

As utilities consider ways to store and transport coal combustion residue (CCR) materials, a new approach to consider is the Two-Eurosilo concept, which can significantly reduce operating costs and simplify the movement of CCR to a landfill.

The Case for Nuclear Power

Since 2013, eight U.S. nuclear power plants have announced plans to permanently shut down operations.

Innovations for Improved Gas Turbine Productivity

Inventors and scientists have been fascinated by the concept of turbine engines to create power even before Leonardo di Vinci sketched an early turbine idea in one of his famous notebooks.

Lines of Defense

I've subscribed to the NRC Blog for several years now, and I have to say that the agency does a great job selecting interesting topics and explaining them using simple language - while simultaneously reinforcing the NRC's independent oversight role.

Advancements in Duct Firing Technology

Advancements in gas-fired generation are allowing high efficiency and flexible operation of duct-fired plants for the first time. 


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