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PE Volume 120 Issue 6

EIA: Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Power Generation Lowest since 1993

The report published last month showed that CO2 emissions totaled 1,925 million metric tons in 2015, or 21 percent below 2005 levels.


A123 Backup Battery System A123's new 26650 cylindrical cell is the next generation that brings greater power and energy density and lower impedance. This versatile lithium-ion cell is suitable for a wide variety of applications...

Dealing with Complicated Makeup and Process Water Streams

Issues with declining fresh water availability coupled with continued efforts towards sustainability are requiring personnel at new and existing power and industrial plants to look for alternative sources of plant makeup water.

Upgrade Helps Coal Plant Control Particulate and Air Toxic Emissions

Federal air emission regulations continue to pose challenges for coal-fired electric generating units in the United States.

Battery Safety for Power Engineers: Considerations for Safer Energy Storage Installations

The energy storage market has grown significantly in recent years. Battery costs have dropped 75 percent in the last six years.

Salt Dryers for TRUE Zero Liquid Discharge from WFGD Wastewater

In November of 2015, the Federal Register published the final rule for the Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELG) and Standards for Steam Electric Power Generators in the US.

Breaking New Ground in Energy Efficiency

In the U.S., coal-fired power plants are being converted to burn natural gas; peaking plants are being retrofitted with gas-fired combined cycle systems; and a meaningful share of new power projects in the U.S. are being fueled with cleaner-burning natural gas.

Here We Go Again

Kewaunee. Vermont Yankee. Pilgrim. FitzPatrick. Now, we can potentially add Fort Calhoun, Clinton and Quad Cities to this list that plant operators don't want to be on.

Department of Energy Shows Strong Support for Hydropower

Expansion of hydroelectric power potential in the U.S. has faced some challenges in recent years.

Modular HRSG Design Saves Time and Construction Costs at the Jobsite

In the competitive business of engineering power plants, the market-driven demand for cost-efficient heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) has sparked the creation of an innovative design and construction method by NEM Energy, a Siemens subsidiary.


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