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PE Volume 120 Issue 11

Low-Noise Wind Turbine Blades Inspired by Owl Wings

Following years of research and development, Siemens recently announced a breakthrough in low-noise wind turbine blade design.


A123 Backup Battery System A123's new 26650 cylindrical cell is the next generation that brings greater power and energy density and lower impedance. This versatile lithium-ion cell is suitable for a wide variety of applications...

Nuclear Power Plant Safety Upgrades for Extended Continued Operation

Watershed events such as the Fukushima-Daiichi accident threaten to shake public confidence and it is up to the regulators and industry worldwide to provide transparency, education and appropriate improvements to maintain and improve safety margin against safety goals.

A Path to Updating the Regulatory Process for Advanced Nuclear Reactors

A technological revolution is underway in the energy industry.

Corporate America’s Huge Appetite for Renewable Energy

An increasing number of corporations are directly buying (or building) their own clean electricity.

Turbines vs. Reciprocating Engines

The transforming energy market shifts focus to reducing power plant environmental impacts, where financial and technical benefits improve competitiveness.

Plant Instrument Air System – Useful Design Tips

The equipment associated with the Instrument air system as used in the industry, generally consists of an air compressor, air dryer and an air receiver fitted with a liquid drain trap.

Managing Water in an Increasingly Demanding Power Market

Increasing demand, evolving energy sources and environmental drivers are shifting the global power landscape. 

New Learner Basics: Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Combined cycle power plants have become in large measure the de facto replacement for the many coal plants that are being retired.

Mobile Power Generation Maintains Grid Stability

Today's utilities face many more challenges than just a handful of years ago.


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