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Wind power cable seals UK based Roxtec targets power and wind-farm sectors with innovative new cable seal. Roxtec has extended its range of cable seals with an innovative new seal specifically for underground power cables serving...

Water’s Journey

More so than at any other time in the power plant era, water from the beginning of its journey through a plant to its discharge must be viewed holistically.

Valves & Actuators

A single power plant uses hundreds of valves to control almost every aspect of its operation.

Dense Slurry Coal Ash Management: Full Compliance, Lower Cost, Less Risk

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) newly enacted Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) rules and proposed Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELG) will significantly impact waste management practices in the coal-fired power industry.

A New Era of Demand Response

Blurring the Lines between Generation and Demand-Side Resources

The Fall of the F-Class Turbine

For the first time in over 20 years, F-Class turbine technology no longer commands majority share in the North America 60 Hz heavy duty gas turbine market

Strategic Investment in Talent

The cover story in the June issue of Power Engineering magazine highlighted the challenges facing the energy, utility and manufacturing sectors in finding skilled labor as baby boomers retire in greater numbers.

FEEDing the Permitting Beast

The battle for a good permit begins well before the application is submitted, with the initial Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and development of conceptual engineering information used as inputs to permit modeling and development.

The Slow, Messy Changing of the Electricity Guard

Conventional energy technologies and investors in big oil, natural gas and coal are highly resistant to letting insurgent renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind take the lead.

Economy from Thin Air

When I was a teenager, I dated a girl whose parents wouldn't let her dress grunge.


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