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PE Volume 118 Issue 4

Endevco charge output accelerometer

Meggitt Sensing Systems has made available its Endevco model 2280, a hermetically sealed, triaxial, piezoelectric charge output accelerometer with high-temperature operation to 482 degrees C (900 degrees F).

ORNL modeling program to simulate SMR designs

Faced with the possibility of decades of design work, Oak Ridge National Laboratory turned to open-standards modeling to cut the development time for small modular nuclear reactors.

New Control System Solves “Black Box” Problems at Cogen Plant

Faced with frustrations with their current control systems, the owners of the Klamath Cogeneration Plant in Oregon hired ABB to install a more reliable control system to create opportunities for additional revenue.

Wastewater Treatment Issues for Combined Cycle Plants

Significant focus has been on water emissions from coal-fired plants, but personnel at gas-fired plants are also dealing with stringent effluent limitations. Contributing Editor Brad Buecker looks at water treatment issues for combined cycle power plants in this article.

Urbanization and Nuclear Power

Let's take a little quiz. Question #1: What's the global population? Take your time…and I'll give you half a billion slack on either side.

The Newest Member of the Power Restoration Team: Drones

"Stay home, if you can" was the message given to residents of the Southeast as a major winter storm pushed through the Southern and Eastern United States in mid-February.

U.S. Solar Industry Has Record-Shattering Year in 2013

What would Alexandre Edmond Becquerel be thinking now?

Avoiding Performance Monitoring Pitfalls

The U.S. Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook 2014 early release projects a 17 percent increase in natural gas-fired power generation from 2012 levels by 2020.

Permitting Implications of Switching to Natural Gas

Does it make sense to switch from coal to gas? It is a question that every electric utility with a coal-fired boiler will have to answer eventually, and for some, the time to make that determination is about to run out.

Mitsubishi Hitachi signs $77.8 million deal for 501J gas turbine

A deal to build what may be the most efficient combined cycle power plant in the U.S. was finalized last week in Tulsa, Okla.


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