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Collection of new products for the power generation markets.

Going Paperless Improves Performance at Texas Power Plant

A 472-MW power plant depends just as much on the flow of information to workers as the flow of fuel to its generators, particularly when that information includes the maintenance manuals and repair records for thousands of pieces of equipment.

Projects Illustrate Strategies for Comprehensive Design Tools

When renewable energy is part of the total energy equation for an industrial plant or utility, a feasibility study provides invaluable cost-benefit information for decision makers.

Energy-Pipeline Operator Upgrades to Open-Architecture Reciprocating Engines Control

Electricity and natural-gas delivery company CenterPoint Energy – Mississippi River Transmission LLC (CNP-MRT) owns and operates 8,200 miles of transmission pipeline that carried 1.6 trillion cubic feet of gas throughout a nine-state, mid-continent region during 2012.

The Continuing Evolution of Cooling Tower Water Treatment

The many new combined-cycle power plants being constructed in the U.S. are being equipped with either cooling towers or air-cooled condensers for steam condensation.

Under Attack

Power plants, pipelines, refineries, and even golf courses – regardless of the type of project you plan to construct, there is always a risk that someone, somewhere will oppose your idea or how you plan to construct it.

Battle Ready, Built Right: Air Force Seeks Partnerships to Develop Reliable and Sustainable Energy...

In the Nevada desert near Las Vegas, 140 acres of neatly arranged photovoltaic solar panels quietly track the sun across the sky and create enough clean, renewable energy to power 2,800 homes.

On-Site Power Conversion

What do billions of dollars' worth of research, football games, government shutdowns, police escorts and dry ice have to do with a university's heating plant? As it turns out, everything.

Using Predictive Analytics to Minimize Risk Associated with Aging Assets

It's no secret that an aging asset infrastructure is of major concern to power generation companies.

Temporary Power Solutions for Water Management in Unconventional Oil & Gas Exploration

Unconventional oil and gas field exploration and production in the United States is anything but typical.


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