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PE Volume 117 Issue 3

PRB Coal-Material Handling Challenges and Solutions

As a result of recent environmental regulations, many utilities in the United States have already switched or are thinking about switching to Powder River Basin (PRB) coal.

When Budgeting for §316(b) Compliance, Consider All Options

Throughout the country, utilities have been closely monitoring the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Section 316(b) rule requirements and compliance timeline to determine how the regulation may affect their existing facilities.

Squeezing More Power from Hydropower Plants

At some point, that car you're driving will need a little restoration work.

The Hydropower Industry’s Pursuit of Excellence

What if you could prevent an event or accident at your facility before it happened, and what is that worth?

Moving Forward

Pulling the trigger is hard to do without a target.

The (Lost) Art of Wind Turbine Technology Selection

Wind energy development is complex.

Improving Temperature Measurement in Power Plants

Temperature is one of the most widely measured parameters in a power plant.

Existential Threats

"To be or not to be, that is the question." OK, maybe Shakespeare is a bit dramatic for a nuclear energy column, but bear with me.

So Much to Build – So Little Time

Whether you call it interdependence, harmonization, coordination, "chaos", or something else, much of the electricity industry is appropriately focused on the increased use of natural gas to generate electricity and the related issues that need to be addressed for that change to happen in a cost-effective and reliable manner for both sectors.

Utilities and Residential Solar Financing: A Golden Opportunity

More utilities are beginning to recognize the benefits of investing in residential solar financing.


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