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PE Volume 113 Issue 4

Key Condenser Failure Mechanisms

Eight practical lessons highlight troublesome condenser tube corrosion issues.

Choosing the Right Wind Turbine Lubricant

Synthetic lubricants from OEMs are supposed to last three years. After that, use this guide to help choose your lubricants wisely.

Choosing the Right Boiler Air Fans at Weston 4

When it came to choosing the three “big” boiler air fans—forced draft, induced draft and primary air—the decision revolved around efficiency.

Cliffside 6 Integrated Emissions Control System

An inside look at the environmental hardware going into one of the highest-profile coal-fired power plant projects in the U.S.

Carbon Capture R&D Gets $8 Billion Boost

Support for carbon capture and storage (CCS) research and development activity is increasing.

Pollution Control Retrofit for Diesel Generators

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology configured with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) have combined to reduce nitrous oxide (NOX) emissions by more than 73 percent and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions more than 90 percent on diesel generators.

Coal Switch Helps New York Plants Stay Competitive

NRG Energy’s Dunkirk Generating Station in Dunkirk, N.Y. is a four-unit, 530 MW facility consisting of four coal-fueled units, including two 100 MW units running since 1950 and two 200 MW units that went into service in 1959 and 1960.

The Obama EPA: A First Look

Changes at the Environmental Protection Agency since January 20, 2009 have been anything but subtle.

Training a New Generation of Welders

Westinghouse, like many companies in the nuclear industry, is facing one of its most positive challenges in decades—satisfying the growing pains of this rapid resurgence with large numbers of skilled talent.

A Watershed Moment

The power generation industry rarely sees watershed events, those brightly defined moments that change the industry in fundamental ways.


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