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PE Volume 112 Issue 9

Construction Cost Control – Some surprisingly simple strategies can help control many construction project...

Power plant engineering construction costs have been rising much faster than core inflation for the last several years.

Digital Visual Sidewall Scanning Streamlines Pipe Inspection

Since the advent of miniature cameras, plant and utility personnel have used them to assess pipe condition and troubleshoot problems.

Mobile Tool Crib Increases Jobsite Efficiency

It’s easy to assume that a company that designs and manufactures hundreds of gas and steam turbines throughout North America isn’t all that concerned with the whereabouts of a little 19 mm socket wrench.

Becoming Carbon Capture Ready

Only a few years ago, saying that a coal plant was carbon capture ready was a somewhat ill-defined statement at best.

Meeting NERC-CIP Requirements

As deadlines for the North American Electric Reliability Council Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC-CIP) standards approach, power plants and electric utilities must begin implementing the necessary security practices to meet the compliance requirements.

Special Report: Executive Roundtable on Coal Plant Development

Power Engineering magazine invited five leading executives to discuss current issues affecting coal-fired power plant development as well as future prospects for the generation type.

Wireless Condition Monitoring Arrives (and Just in Time)

Two major applications for wireless sensing in manufacturing are process measurement and equipment condition monitoring (ECM).

Continuous Electrodeionization for Water Treatment at Power Plants

Power plants have for many years used deionized water as makeup to high-pressure boilers and for producing steam to drive turbines and generate electricity.

Carbon Capture and Economics Dominate COAL-GEN

Louisville, Ky. welcomed COAL-GEN 2008 in mid-August and carbon capture and economic themes dominated talk among the 3,500 attendees, a record crowd.

The “Reasonable Possibility” of NSR Reform

It’s time to change out some tubes in your coal-fired boiler. Do you:A) Justify the expense based on extending the life of the boiler and make the repairs.


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