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PE Volume 112 Issue 8

Less Moisture Can Mean More Mass

Various technologies can increase the output and fuel efficiency of gas-fired turbines by lowering temperatures on the inlet side of the turbine.

How Low Can They Go?

Spring 2008 was one of the busiest nuclear refueling outage seasons the U.S. nuclear industry has witnessed in several years.

Keeping Wind Turbines Spinning

Today’s typical wind farm consists of several hundred relatively thin towers about 35 stories tall, each supporting more than 65 tons of sophisticated mechanical and electrical equipment inside a nacelle on top of the structure.

Change Your Plan, Not Your Oil

These days our automobiles are getting more of a say in their maintenance.


A comprehensive lockout/tagout (LOTO) program not only helps to keep power generating plants compliant with OSHA regulations, but also increases productivity and contributes to the safety of employees.

Energy Policy Act Poses Workforce Training Issues

One small part of the Energy Policy Act could send power industry firms scrambling to get their houses in order.

Evaluating an HP/IP Turbine Replacement

Many U.S. power producers are stretching the useful lives of their existing power plants because of the favorable economics as compared to other alternatives.

You’ve Got Ten Minutes

When it comes to cars, zero-to-60 in less than four seconds has long been the line that separates “peppy” acceleration from neck-snapping performance.

Court Vacates CAIR Emissions Plan

A federal appeals court July 11 rejected the Bush administration’s plan to reduce emissions from power plants, ruling the Environmental Protection Agency went beyond its authority to create the Clean Air Interstate Rule.

Dam, It’s Big

Our hardhat-wearing tour group, made up of delegates from the Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo in nearby Las Vegas, is more than 700 feet underground.


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