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PE Volume 112 Issue 5

Carbon Capture At An Existing Power PLant

DOE conducted a study evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of retrofitting an existing coal-fired electric power plant with CO2 capture using “advanced amine-based” scrubbing at various levels of CO2 capture (30 percent, 50 percent, 70 percent and 90 percent).

A Tool to Calculate Corrosion-Related Costs

Paint or hot-dip galvanize? This tool may help you decide.

Meeting Gas Quality Challenges

The United States has enjoyed not only an ample supply of natural gas for many years, but natural gas of consistent quality.

Latest Steam Turbine Offerings Enhance Plant Performance

Four OEMs discuss their companies’ latest steam turbine designs, how those designs will improve plant performance and how they plan to meet upcoming market demands.

The Evolution of Carbon Capture Technology (Part 2)

Carbon capture may be the future, so technology development and testing are underway today.

An Approach for Plants to Address INPO’s Nuclear Safety Culture Expectations

The Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) is a well-respected guiding influence in the nuclear power industry.

Texas Wind Transmission to Cost $3 to $9 Billion

The price tag to build new power lines to bring wind power to Texas’ biggest cities could range from $3 billion to $9 billion, according to a report filed by the grid operator with state regulators.

A Huge, strange cloud that won’t go away

Uncertainty over where the United States is headed on climate change looms large despite pressure from the public to get something done, FERC Commissioner Philip Moeller told an exec-level forum hosted by consultancy KEMA.

Steam Dryers Face Scrutiny in Uprates

The nuclear power industry has added the equivalent of five 1,000 MW reactors over the past 30 years through power uprates at existing plants.

Shining the Light on Solar

Solar energy capacity will be exploding over the next decade as a result of federal and state incentives, a world class resource in the Southwest and significant technology advances.


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