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PE Volume 112 Issue 2

Securing Your Control System

The “CIA triad” is a widely used benchmark for evaluating information system security effectiveness

CFB: Technology of the Future?

Fuel flexibility and a smaller carbon footprint are behind renewed interest in circulating fluidized bed technology

Tracking the Life of Critical Gas Turbine Parts

Losing track of time-sensitive parts can be expensive and potentially dangerous.

Lubrication: Industry Leaders Look to Fix the Varnish Issue

Power Engineering magazine invited leaders at top lubrication companies to take part in a wide-ranging “state of the industry” discussion.

Can Your Plant Survive an Unplanned or Emergency Trip?

Catastrophic damage may result if the battery power required to start and run emergency pumps fails when it’s most needed

The Winds of Risk

Political risk may seem an odd concept to apply to the United States. International investment decisions usually weigh it when assessing how likely a government’s collapse may be or how robust various regulatory and legal systems are.

Big Dogs Are Barking

About 10 years ago as wholesale electricity markets were opening up and retail markets were starting to deregulate, there was a saying among electric utilities that opposed disturbing the status quo: “Big Dogs Eat First.”

Natural Gas Seen AS Stabilizing the Texas Wind Fleet

Tightening reserve margins are increasing the need for additional quick-start power to provide both spinning and non-spinning generation reserves as well as voltage support and other ancillary services to grid operators.

Caring about Equipment and People

Located 10 miles east of New Orleans, Entergy’s Michoud Plant has been keeping the city’s lights on for more than 40 years.

EPA’s Big Stick

Every month seems to bring a new, yet familiar, headline: “EPA levies huge fine against utility for Clean Air Act violations.


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