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PE Volume 111 Issue 8

Wind Turbines Pose Lubrication Challenges

In the 1600s, the author Miguel Cervantes’ hero, Don Quixote, charged at windmills in Spain.

East River Repowering Project: Design, Construction and Operation

Con Edison’s East River Repowering Project (ERRP) increased the electric generating capacity of the East River complex from 300 MW to 660 MW and expanded its steam generating capacity from 2.7 to 5.7 million pounds/hour.

EGSA Special Section: Gas Turbine Configurations for Efficient On-Site Power Production

Gas turbine power output can range widely from a few kilowatts up to large utility-sized units of 300 MW.

Gaining a Clear Picture of Pump Operation

Often things are not as they first seem, especially when one is trying to determine how a pump system is operating.

O&M: Fiberglass Plastics in Power Plants

A significant increase in the price of nickel, coupled with its reputation for low maintenance, has spurred unprecedented demand for power plant components to be made from fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP).

Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction Plans Coming for Large Industrial Boilers

Facilities that are major sources of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) are required to minimize HAP emissions by applying maximum achievable control technology (MACT).

Room for Compromise

Environmental rules are frequently seen as all mandate with little or no upside for a power generator.

Nuclear Renaissance Faces Formidable Challenges

The world’s growing appetite for electricity, coupled with concern about global warming, are promoting the idea of new nuclear power plant construction worldwide.

Diesel Generator Failures: Lessons Taught by Hurricanes

During the 2005 U.S. hurricane season, power outages were widespread, calling a great many diesel generators into service.

New Coal Technology to Flourish at Kentucky Plant

The Trimble County Station, 30 miles northeast of Louisville, is home to a highly efficient coal unit, a six-pack of combustion turbines and a wildlife refuge.


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