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Flying Canaries Reader’s Challenge

Editor's Note: The "Flying Canaries" joke printed in the April issue of Power Engineering included a Reader's Challenge, asking readers to explain whether or not a bunch of canaries flying in an enclosed truck will reduce the load on the truck.

Ultrasonics Speed Detection of Boiler Tube and Casing Leaks

RECENTLY, ROBERT J. DELAUNE, Senior Technical Specialist, Entergy Inc. was asked to identify the location of a leak inside the furnace of a boiler at Entergy's Little Gypsy power plant.

Mount Pleasant Utilities

For years, the city of Mount Pleasant, in southeast Iowa, has had an interruptible power purchase agreement with its wholesale power supplier, buying power at wholesale rates and re-selling it at retail rates to its customers.

Natural Gas Crisis Revisited

Did you follow the flurry of news reports in June about the natural gas crisis?

Asia Looks for Power Industry Revival

Through the early 1990s, power purchase agreements were being written across Asia, in places as high as 8-9 cents/kWh.

GPS-Based Time Synchronization Improves Plant Reliability

In the power generation industry, accurate time-keeping by supervisory control systems is of utmost importance.

Distributed generation: It’s all a matter of control

When it comes to DG assets, it's not so much what you have, but how you use it.

Regular Maintenance, Monitoring and Operator Training Critical to Boiler Safety

When the first steam boilers were introduced in the 18th century, in the U.S. and Europe, safety was a big issue.

Water Contamination in Hydrogen-Cooled Generators Lurks as Serious Operational Threat

Water contamination in hydrogen gas can lead to significant problems in hydrogen-cooled generators, including electrical arcing and winding failures.

Fuel Cells Power DoD Facilities

In 2002, the Watervliet Arsenal in upstate New York served as the host site for ten 5 kW Plug Power fuel cell power systems providing electricity to power a telecommunications facility, a research and development laboratory and base housing.


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