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PE Volume 107 Issue 11

The Case of the Copycat Killers

Secrets of the Spurious Spares and The Case of the Copycat Killers aren't murder mysteries solved by an eccentric detective using unorthodox deductive skills.

Construction and Contracts

Utility Engineering Corporation has received a contract to design the 250 MW Walnut Energy Center in Turlock, Calf.

Bi-Fuel Engine Technology Enriches Value of Standby Gensets

Environmental concerns and issues related to diesel fuel storage have increased interest in bi-fuel engine products.

Blackouts Raise Big Combustion Safety Issues

Virtually all media attention concerning this summer's massive U.S. power blackout focused on the grid.

Cinergy Plans Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Cinergy has become the first predominantly coal-burning electric utility in the U.S. to publicly announce its intention to make absolute reductions of its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Sophisticated SCR Now Available for Small Power Plants

For more than 30 years, elaborate and highly effective catalytic air pollution control systems have been abating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and NOx at utility size power plants.

Advanced Control — Where are we Headed?

Smart sensors, smart transmitters, smart controllers, smart tools, etc., seem to be everywhere.

Getting the Industry Back in Synch

The cyclic nature of the power industry has been re-confirmed – in sledgehammer fashion – over the past several years.

Report Defines Gas Policies Needed to Maintain U.S. Self-Reliance

A recently published report by the National Petroleum Council identifies two scenarios by which the U.S. can remain self-reliant for its supply of natural gas.

Fuel Cells Address Outside Plant Backup Power Issues

Although the wireless industry has certainly felt the crunch — especially since the recent northeast power failure — anyone who deals with outside plant (OSP) backup power knows the challenge.


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