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Gentlemen, start your engines

I originally planned to begin this column with statistics about the size of the Internet and the nearly unfathomable number of documents available in the form of Web pages, Usenet news and the like. As I scanned different sources for statistics, I soon realized that any numbers published in this issue of Power Engineering would be outdated by the time you read them; that is how quickly things change in cyberspace.

U.S. Gen plantchanges name

U.S. Generating Co. has changed the name of its Altresco-Pittsfield Cogeneration Plant to Pittsfield Generating Plant. George Lehner, general manager, said the name was changed to better reflect the support of the local community. The Altresco was originally part of the plant name as a nod to Altresco Financial Inc., which developed the project. The plant went into commercial service in 1990, providing up to 165 MW of electricity to New England Power, Commonwealth Electric Co. and Cambridge Elec

Newgulf Power restart announced

Newgulf Power Venture Inc. has announced the recommissioning of its 85-MW combined-cycle facility in Newgulf, Texas. The plant originally went on-line in 1985 and operated through 1993. It was previously owned by Texasgulf Chemicals Inc., and was purchased by Newgulf Power`s parent company, CSW Energy, in June of 1995.

Demand growth continues to climb

According to the Short Term Energy Outlook for the fourth quarter of 1996, total electricity demand is expected to continue to grow at close to the 2.6 percent seen in 1995. The Energy Information Administration attributes this demand increase mainly to assumptions of continuing economic growth and the weather-related demand in the first half of the year. Hot weather in the Northeast could result in supply restrictions there this year, with three nuclear plants in Connecticut shut down for opera

New NESC availablein August from IEEE

The 1997 edition of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) is now available from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE).

Merger, acquisition trend fueled by race toward competition

Merger, acquisition trend fueledby race toward competitionThe mergers and acquisitions of 1995, and the ones that have been announced so far this year, are mostly what have been termed "mergers of equals." The companies involved in the combinations are roughly equal in size, and in most cases, in their financial and market strengths.

Uranium supply and demand reach precarious balance

Uranium is unique in the world of fuels used to generate electricity. Its demand depends upon the number of nuclear power plants in operation more than it does on the overall demand for electricity. Nuclear plants are expensive to build but, once built, generate large quantities of electricity at relatively low fuel cost. Therefore, utilities baseload these units. This means that, while the demand for coal and gas to fuel generators is sensitive to the demand for electricity, the demand for nucl

Gilbert Station tries new ABB turbine

Full load operation of ABB Power Generation`s first GT24 gas turbine has been achieved at Jersey Central Power & Light Co.`s (JCP&L) Gilbert Station. ABB notes this as a "major power generation breakthrough as it is the industry`s only commercially available annular sequential combustion gas turbine."

Utilities band together in greenhouse gas fight

An alliance of leading Canadian energy companies has formed the Greenhouse Emissions Management Consortium (GEMCo). The non-profit company will take action on global climate change by managing carbon emissions offset projects. Founding members include Canadian Utilities Ltd.; EPCOR; Nova Gas Transmission; Ontario Hydro; SaskPower; TransAlta Corp.; and Westcoast Energy Inc.

Calls for papers

The conference committee for the 22nd International Technical Conference on Coal Utilization and Fuel Systems has issued a call for papers for the March 17-20, 1997, conference in Clearwater, Fla.


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