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PE Volume 100 Issue 11

22B air pollution control market predicted

More than $22 billion will be spent on air pollution control systems, parts and services between July 1, 1996, and June 30, 1997, according to The McIlvaine Co.`s Air Pollution Management Report. The report predicts the Americas segment will spend $6.4 billion, the Europe-CIS-Africa segment will spend $7.7 billion and Asia, the biggest spender, will top $8 billion. According to McIlvaine, during the last decade, purchases of gas phase contaminant removal equipment have increased much more rapidl

$21M HTS program set

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced a $21 million cost-sharing program with American Superconductor Corp. and Reliance Electric to produce the world`s first high-horsepower, commercial-scale electric motors using high-temperature superconductors (HTS).

WNP-2 is operating on ABB fuel reload

Washington Public Power Supply System`s Nuclear Project 2 (WNP-2) has achieved criticality and startup after installing its first reload of ABB SVEA-96 fuel. Startup physics results very closely matched the ABB predictions. Located near Richland, Wash., WNP-2 is a 3,486 MW boiling water reactor. Washington Public Power is currently conducting an extensive program to reduce the cost of the power from WNP-2 while also increasing plant operating reliability. Fuel change is also an important element

Final CCT project set

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced terms for its final Clean Coal Technology project, the last in a series of five rounds of competitive selections over a decade, with 45 projects, 13 of which are complete and four which have been discontinued. CPICOR Management Company L.L.C. will demonstrate a new technology combining direct iron-making with electric power generation. The project will demonstrate the integration of a coal/ore reduction iron-making process called COREX, with comb

Utilities battle CO2 with trees

Forty utilities nationwide have established a new, nonprofit organization to help reduce greenhouse gases linked with global worming. The new organization, the UtiliTree Carbon Co., has announced funding for five forest management projects in the United States and abroad to help control greenhouse gases. Selected from a pool of 32 comprehensive proposals, the projects represent diverse approaches toward managing greenhouse gases such as CO2. The five projects involve rural tree planting, forest

Willow sex breakthrough bodes well for biomass

Farmers in the Northeast and Midwest may soon be growing willow trees for biomass power, according to a recent announcement from Hazel R. O`Leary, Secretary of Energy. Part of the Clinton administration`s "Biomass Power for Rural Development" initiative, the program is estimated to cost almost $14 million over six years, with a 45 percent federal investment. Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. of Syracuse, N.Y., representing the Salix Consortium, is being awarded the first cost-shared cooperative researc

Electricity demand growth continuing at 1995 levels

In 1996, total electricity demand is expected to continue to grow at close to the 1995 rate of more than 2 percent, according to the latest predictions from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). This is due mainly to continuing economic growth and the weather-related demand in the first half of the year. In 1997, demand growth is expected to slow due to expectations of relatively slower economic growth and normal weather. EIA also predicted an increase in coal use by electric utilities fo

Enron, PGC file for merger

Enron Corp. has filed a request with the Oregon Public Utilities Commission seeking authorization to merge with Portland General Corp. (PGC), parent company of Portland General Electric (PGE). "This is not a typical utility industry merger. The key to this particular merger is about continuity and combining the strengths of two successful companies," said Ken L. Harrison, PGC chairman and CEO.

Texas A&M researches nuclear waste as fuel

Texas A&M nuclear engineering researchers are gathering and verifying basic nuclear data needed to design reactors that could burn actinides, a highly toxic form of nuclear waste, as fuel.

Calls for papers

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Nuclear Engineering (ASME) Division has issued a call for papers for the 1997 International Joint Power Generation Conference and Exposition, scheduled Oct. 26-29, 1997, in Denver, Colo. Papers are being solicited for the subject session to address design enhancement in nuclear and fossil power plants to mitigate hydraulic transient problems in piping systems and components. Papers representing operating utility experience, prospective new plant desig


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