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Eavesdrop on our energy future

There is clearly a limit to fossil fuel. Those words seem somewhat out of place in a magazine that devotes most of its pages to advances in fossil fuel technology. However, it was not a Power Engineering editor who made this bold statement. Chris Fay, Shell UK Ltd. CEO, said this last year. Royal Dutch/Shell anticipated the boom/bust cycle in oil prices during the `70s and `80s to become the most profitable corporation in the world. Because of that success, when Royal Dutch/Shell talks, people l

NYSEG delays closings

New York State Electric & Gas Corp. (NYSEG) has announced plans to delay closings of Jennison Generating Station in Bainbridge and Hickling Generating Station in East Corning from Dec. 1, 1996, to mid-1997. "We are pleased with the state legislature`s recent passage of a tax credit for the beneficial use of waste tires. This legislation is essential to helping make these plants competitive," said Jack Roskoz, NYSEG`s executive vice president. Gov. George Pataki is expected to sign the bill, whic

Scientist believes his zinc pellets can aid gasification plants

An Illinois scientist believes he has found a way to help coal gasification power plants remove sulfur emissions while significantly cutting capital costs and increasing power plant revenues. Jim Swisher, E&A Associates chief scientist and partner, expects to know for sure this fall when 7 tons of his zinc titanate pellets--a sulfur absorber that can be cleaned and reused up to 1,000 times--receive long-term performance testing at a General Electric (GE) coal gasifier in Schenectady, N.Y.

Utilities work together to assist gas firms

A group of electric utilities is helping natural gas storage, process and transportation companies use electric compressors to move fuel along their pipelines. The group, led by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), is working to take advantage of continuing deregulation which is allowing it to expand its business into new territories.

GPU ends AltoonaCogen development

GPU Energy has reached an agreement to end the development of the Altoona Cogeneration Partners project, an 80 MW coal-fired plant that was to have been built at Conrail`s Juniata Locomotive Repair Shop near Altoona, Pa. Subject to state Public Utility Commission approval, the GPU Inc. subsidiary announced it will pay the partners--American Power and CMS Energy Corp.--$5 million to terminate development of the coal-fired non-utility generation project, which had not yet started construction.

Mine-mouth facility operates efficiently

In its first year of operation, one of the nation`s newest coal-fired power plants reports more than 91 percent availability and a production cost of just over 1 cent per kWh. This plant, Neil Simpson Unit 2, began commercial operation in August 1995, 22 months after construction began. It is owned and operated by Black Hills Power and Light Co. and was constructed by Black and Veatch. The 80 MW plant is located just outside of Gillette, Wyo., at the mouth of the Wyodak coal mine, the source of

Business briefs

Georgia Power Co., Portland General Electric Co., Scana Corp., Tucson Electric Power Co. and Western Resources all received 1996 Common Goals awards from the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). The awards program honors Othe best in partnerships between electric companies and their customers.O EEI also presented special distinction awards to Arizona Public Service Co., Atlantic Electric, Dayton Power and Light Co., Green Mountain Power Corp., IES Industries Inc., Orange and Rockland Utilities Inc.,


Alphonso R. Jackson, The Housing Authority of the City of Dallas president and CEO, has been named vice president of corporate resources for CSW Energy Inc. and CSW International Inc.

Nuclear plant management becomes strategic business

Competition in power generation is leading many in the utility industry to rethink their business strategies. Owners of nuclear stations are particularly fearful of being stuck with huge stranded investments in these plants and are seeking innovative ways to prevent that from happening. Other nuclear operators are finding opportunities among the threats to the status quo. Here is a recent example.

NU adds turbines to avoid shortages

Five LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines are being used by Northeast Utilities (NU) of Connecticut to alleviate power shortages due to recent shutdowns of several of the utility`s nuclear power plants. The contracts for the turbines were finalized in May, and the units were delivered to two existing NU power plants. The turbines began operation in the last week of June, less than 60 days after contract signing.


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