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Coal-fired power plant costs will plunge by 2005

The variable cost of producing electric power will fall by as much as 16 percent in the central industrial region of the United States over the next 10 years, according to a recent study by the consulting firm Hill & Associates Inc., Annapolis, Md. Results of the study were presented at the recent Energy Mart Conference in Chicago. "The most important goal for many electric utilities is to become a low-cost producer of electricity, and, more importantly, to maintain a position at the low end of

Research power generation with a mouse

The internet has experienced explosive growth in the past year. According to Internet World magazine, the number of registered host computers, those computers directly connected to the internet and which can be accessed by an internet user, more than doubled to 6.6 million between July 1994 and July 1995. Projections put this number at 120 million by decade`s end. As a result of this tremendous growth and related advances in technology and software, previously obscure information can now be acce

Biofouling control alternatives

For many years, chlorine has been the most commonly used microbiocide for cooling water treatment, and its venerability is well documented. However, due to changes in cooling water treatment programs, chlorine has become less effective. One of the replacement chemicals which is finding wider acceptance is bromine.

Nuclear weld exam performed during refueling

The first reactor pressure vessel beltline weld examination without removing fuel from the vessel was recently performed at Boston Edison`s Pilgrim nuclear power station. The inspection of both upper and lower vessel welds was performed in parallel with the fuel shuffle and internal component movements during Pilgrim`s 10th refueling outage. The procedure, using GE Nuclear Energy`s GERIS 2000 inspection system, verified the condition of the vessel. The GERIS system uses a moveable manipulation a

People and places

John F. Walter, Ph.D., is the new president of Constellation Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Constellation Holdings Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

EEI report offers renewable energy policy solutions

Approximately 10 percent of U.S. power generation comes from renewable resources. According to Department of Energy (DOE) data, renewable capacity should increase approximately 27,000 MW in the next 15 years. Such an increase would provide one-sixth of U.S. electric energy growth during that period, according to a new report prepared for Edison Electric Institute (EEI) by Sustainable Energy Economics (SEE).

Fuel cell plant sets 8,000-hour record

Commercially viable fuel cell power plants are quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception as the technology continues its steady climb to prominence in the world of electric power generation. In fact, that is one reason why this new column will now be appearing on a regular basis. At Power Engineering, we`ve come to realize the importance of this emerging technology, and we aim to help you stay abreast of this technology`s rapid development and commercialization.

Turbine retrofits hike capacity and heat rate

Low-pressure steam turbine retrofits at Florida Power & Light`s (FPL) Martin Unit 1 and Sanford Unit 5 have improved the steam turbine generator units` capacity. ABB`s "B-O Solution" retrofit increased the baseline rating for Martin Unit 1 from 855 to 872 MW and improved the corresponding heat rate from 8,219.6 to 8,089.3 Btu/kWh, resulting in an average performance improvement of 1.77 percent.


Foster Wheeler Corp., Clinton, N.J., has concluded its acquisition of Ahlstrom Pyropower Sector, a division of A. Ahlstrom Corp., a Finnish industrial firm. Purchase price is approximately $220 million.

New business

¥Destec Energy Inc., a leading independent power producer based in Houston, Texas, and PanCanadian


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