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New York Announces Energy Efficiency Targets

The new 2025 energy efficiency target plan gives incentives to building developers, commercial and institutional building owners as well as residential households

The New Era of CHP

Gone are the days when only large industrial facilities consider CHP and utilities fight them tooth and nail.

Cuomo: New York Solar Power Has Grown 1,000 Percent in Six Years

The governor has been a strong advocate of renewable energy.

NY Power Plan Includes 800 MW of Offshore Wind, 1,500 MW of Storage

The plan was touted as both addressing climate change and driving the economy.

Industry News

News from across the industry.

Industry News

News from around the power generation industry.

Officials Disagree on Puerto Rico Power Restoration Timeline

Ricardo Ramos, director of the state-owned power company, said the utility has restored 35 percent of the electrical system's regular output and expects to reach 50 percent by mid-November and 95 percent by mid-December. 

Coal-Mining Armstrong Energy Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Armstrong expects mining and shipments will continue during the process.

GE, New York Power Authority Partner on “World’s First Digital Utility”

NYPA intends to work with GE to explore the digitalization of every aspect of its operations. 

EDF Renewable Finishes Solar Facility for Ontario, New York

The facility will provide power for the town of Ontario, New York for the next 25 years. 


Industry News