An analysis of the Aug. 14 blackout revealed a number of important reliability safeguards and market design principles, according to a new report by Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA).

The joint U.S.-Canada Task Force has released its report on the massive blackouts that happened Aug. 14 in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada. Among other things, the report concluded that the outage was preventable and that the initial events which started the cascading blackout occurred in Ohio.

Fortegra, Inc., a provider of business and technology consulting services, announced the addition of J. P. Harper as director, and the promotion of Jason Iacobucci to senior architect. Harper and Iacobucci will team to set the strategic direction of Fortegra's wholesale energy business unit.

While NERC, FERC, DOE, MISO, and every other electricity-related acronym debate the cause of the August 14 power blackout and whether or not some poor Joe literally fell asleep at the switch with his phone turned off, I'm going to cut through the acrimony and confusion and give you the real reason.

A full report of the Aug. 14 blackout may not be ready for a year, NERC President Michehl Gent told the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transmission and Distribution conference.

The top executive for the Midwest Independent Transmission Operator, Inc., testified before a Congressional committee Thursday about the grid manager's role as Reliability Coordinator for much of the Midwest U.S. during last month's widespread power outages.