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Editorial Guidelines for Contributors

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Power Engineering’s website and e-Newsletter.

Power Engineering’s website and e-Newsletter covers all issues related to the construction, maintenance, operation, regulation and chemistry of power generation. We do accept contributed articles from those who are recognized for their expertise on these issues. We do not accept previously published work. We only publish exclusive content.   

Power Engineering publishes articles that are rich in technical detail and will appeal to our readership, which includes a wide range of power professionals, including plant managers, construction managers and project engineers. Feature articles must be non-commercial and non-promotional in nature. Any overt promotion of specific products, services or firms will not be published. Feature articles must be broadly objective and must discuss a range of viewpoints. All articles must include a byline and a brief author bio.  Manuscripts should be submitted in Word format with NO embedded graphics. Instead, graphics should be sent as separate files. Photos must be a minimum 300 dpi resolution. Due to space constraints, articles are limited to five graphics (photos and figures). 

Power Engineering also accepts case studies for publication. These articles must state a specific problem at a power plant, the range of solutions considered and the solution that ultimately was selected. Naming specific products and services is permissible in case studies. A byline is required and one or two graphics can accompany the piece. We discourage gratuitous testimonials and will edit out quotations that endorse or promote specific products and services. Manuscripts must be submitted in Word format with NO embedded graphics. Graphics should be sent as separate files.

Thanks again for your interest in contributing to Power Engineering. We look forward to seeing your proposal.

John Engel
Content Director | Power Engineering and POWERGEN International