Steve Quisenberry

Vice President, Global Sales

Steve is the Vice President, Global Sales for PowerPHASE LLC.  PowerPHASE LLC makes a patent-pending air injection system for combustion turbines, called TurboPHASE®. TurboPHASE enables existing CCGT Plants, running at base-load, to ramp 50-100 MW of incremental generation in 60 seconds at an incremental heat-rate at or below modern combined cycle plants. TurboPHASE can further empower renewables with its Grid Stability Control (GSX) air-storage and battery-storage optional upgrades. Steve has over 17 years of advanced engineering and turbine experience beginning as a flight test engineer for Pratt & Whitney and advancing to the General Manager, Alstom Thermal Service Middle East Operations.  As General Manager, Steve was responsible for mobilizing and building the PSM business in the Arabian Gulf.  During his ten years with PSM, Steve held managerial positions in Customer Service Engineering, Tendering and led the Project and Long Term Service Agreement business.  Steve graduated from Tulane University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

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