Stephen Kidd

Director of Strategy & Research

Steve Kidd is Director of Strategy & Research at the World Nuclear Association, the international association for nuclear energy based in London.

After a brief period as an economics tutor at Sheffield University, he followed a career as an industrial economist with leading UK companies. These specialized in the raw materials and engineering sectors and included Rio Tinto and Rover Cars. He practiced as an independent consultant from 1990 onwards and then joined the former Uranium Institute as Senior Research Officer in 1995. He assumed his present position when the Institute became the World Nuclear Association in 2001.     

He received his bachelors and masters degrees in economics from Queens’ College, University of Cambridge and was the winner of the Adam Smith Prize. He authors many articles on the commercial aspects of nuclear power, is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetings around the world and is the author of the recent book, “Core Issues – Dissecting Nuclear Power Today”. Finally, he organizes and teaches at training courses for nuclear professionals in developing nuclear countries on behalf of the World Nuclear University.

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