Philip Trimble

Greenfield Engineering and Sales Manager

Phil is the Greenfield Engineering and Sales Manager for ABB Power Generation, currently concentrating on the retrofit market using Symphony® Plus. Phil, a University of Pittsburgh alum, came to ABB (formerly Bailey Controls) in 1990, after working at Newport News Shipbuilding and DD Co, and Westinghouse Electric. While originally brought into the marine group, Phil work primarily with electric utilities. During Phil’s tenure at ABB, he’s worked as a System Engineer, Project Manager, Engineering Supervisor, and as a Resident (Plant) Engineer. He worked in OpEx on the Greenfield Initiative, and currently works in Sales and Technology consulting. On reaching his 25th year anniversary, Phil states “It’s been a fun ride, working with great people. With 6 kids and Parent Plus college loans, I’m looking forward to the next 25.

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