Petrit Ahmeti

President of the Albanian Energy Regulator (ERE)

During his career, Eng. Petrit Ahmeti has worked as an Advisor on energy issues at the Prime Minister’s Office and at Ministry of Public Economy. He has also been General Director of the Albanian Power Corporation (KESH). He chaired the Albanian Task Force on drafting the documentation “Reform in the Power Sector” in co-operation with USAID, as well as for preparing the “Electricity Market Rules for the Albanian Power System”.

Mr. Ahmeti has also been a member of the Board of Commissioners Member of the South-East Europe Countries and vice/chairman of the Working Group for customer protection at Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB), signatory party of Energy Community Treaty for South East Europe countries. He has also been Member of the Steering Committee on approving the electricity trading mechanisms in the regional countries. In November 2014 was elected Vice President of MEDREG.

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