Matthew Kennedy

Solutions Director: Enterprise and Data Technology

MATTHEW KENNEDY is Doble Engineering Company’s Solutions Director: Enterprise and Data Technology, overseeing the complete software and cloud product vision of the company. During his time at Doble, Kennedy has had leading roles in the innovation and development of products such as the M-Series (M4, M5, M7), DTA, dobleARMS™ and dobleDATABASE™. With a keen interest in diagnostic technology, Kennedy has authored diagnostic analysis sections for international standards in addition to numerous papers, journal and magazine articles for the power industry. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara where he studied signal and digital signal processing. His post graduate studies continued with the US Navy: Nuclear Power School, University of Idaho in Electrical Power Engineering and Cornell University in Product Design and Development. He is a member of IEEE, IEC, USNC, and ISO.

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