Derek Selby

Industrial Product Technical Advisor

Derek Selby has worked for ExxonMobil for 29 years, predominantely working on industrial oil lubrication.  Derek is from a Chemical background and intially started working on the construction, formulation, lab and performance testing of Industrial lubricants, ranging from Mineral oils to flagship Synthetic products.  He then honed his understanding of Industrial Lubricants through technical support to initally South America & Asia Pacific and later Europe and Africa Middle East supporting these zones in  blending & product quality control as well as supporting the zones in application of the wide range of Mobil Industrial Lubricants and assisting customers with their challenges and opportunities. Throughout Dereks career he has recognised  that the combination of high performance lubricants and understanding used oil analyisis is a fundemental tool and is inherent in helping customers achieve their lubrication and productivity goals. 

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