David Porter

Chief Executive

David Porter began his career in local government. He then ran businesses of his own, including a successful restaurant. He was an adviser to the Association from 1987 and became its Chief Executive in 1991 (until 1995 it had been the Association of Independent Electricity Producers). In 2007, he was appointed OBE by Her Majesty the Queen, for services to the Power Generation Industry.


He has served on the Executive Committee of the Electricity Pool of England & Wales, the government’s Renewable Energy Advisory Committee, the government’s ‘Foresight Energy Futures Task Force’ and he was President of the UK’s ‘Energy Industries Club’ 2003 – 2005. 


He is currently on the Board of the European electricity body ‘Eurelectric’, Chairman of the Energy Policy & Generation Committee of Eurelectric, a Director of the UK Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group (‘PRASEG’), a member of the government’s Coal Forum and Chairman of the Future Generation Sub Group of the Coal Forum.

David is an Honorary Fellow of the Energy Institute.

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