David Lay

Director of Training

David E. Lay is the Director of Training for Hytorc. He is the author of several multimedia courses that have been adopted as teaching standards for major industry leaders such as General Electric, Shell Oil and Siemens,  and for apprentice programs in the millwright and pipefitter trades across North America.  It is estimated that his bolting courses have been given to over 15,000 people in the mechanical trades.  He is the author of the OSHA Training Institute Course 7110 – ‘Bolting Safety: Principles and Practices’ as well as the ASME Continuing Education Institute Course PD577 “Bolted Joint Assembly Principles Per PCC-1-2010 Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Joint Assembly”.   He is an affiliate member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers where he serves on the Sub-Committee for Flange Joint Assembly and also the Post-Construction Standards Committee, as well as the ASTM F-16 committee on fasteners, and the American Water Works Technical Advisory Committee.

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