Bob Kraft

President & CEO, Powerphase

Founder, President & CEO, after 15 years in advanced aircraft engine engineering at GE and Pratt & Whitney, was the co-founder, VP Engineering, and later, the CEO of Power Systems Manufacturing (“PSM”), a leading gas turbine after-market parts manufacturer.  Bob stayed on as CEO of PSM after it was sold to Alstom in 2007 for over $242 million, and the company now builds 100% of the hot gas path replacement parts for the global fleet of General Electric 7EA, 7FA, 501F, and 6B turbines, among others. Bob’s depth of knowledge in turbine technology is further evidenced by the more than 25 gas turbine related patents he has authored, of the more than 100 credited to PSM. Bob earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cleveland State University.

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