Anthony LaPorte

Divison Director – Leak Detection

Anthony La Porte is the Leak Detection Division Director for Conco Services Corporation. He has over thirty-six years of experience of tracer gas leak detection in the power generation industry, and he currently oversees technicians performing inspections in the United States, Australia, Japan, Poland, Germany, India, Brazil, Chile, Scotland, France, Wales, Britain, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Tony received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 1974 from Dowling College in New York.  In February 1979, he joined Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) where he was instrumental in the development of tracer gas leak detection methods at both nuclear and fossil fuel generating stations. Utilizing a helium mass spectrometer, Tony developed techniques and procedures for identifying condenser tube leaks, condenser air inleakage and main generator leakage.  In an effort to find smaller leaks, Tony lead the introduction and manufacture of a continuous monitoring electron capture analyzer that utilizes SF6 as the tracer gas.  During his sixteen-year tenure at SAIC, he served as Division Manager and Vice President.  In April of 1995, Tony joined Conco Services Corporation when the company acquired SAIC’s Leak Detection Division.

Tony is a past Chairman of the Personnel Qualification Committee for the Leak Testing Division of the American Society for NonDestructive Testing (ASNT).  He is an active member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). He served on an Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) task force for the development of guidelines for condenser inleakage at generating stations resulting in EPRI Final Report-January 2000, TR112819, Condenser In-Leakage Guideline. Tony is the author of “The Practical Application of SF6 and Helium For Condenser Tube and Air Inleakage Detection”.

In addition to his research and writing, Tony has successfully completed training and testing in radiation worker practices at various nuclear facilities throughout the United States and currently serves as an Assistant Radiation Safety Officer for Conco Services Corporation. He has extensive experience from 1979 to present working with the Conco Fluorotracer Analyzer with a sealed source containing 63-Ni, 5 mCi utilized for non-destructive inspections in commercial power facilities. He also has extensive experience with BETA/GAMMA radiation exposure due to working in the presence of radioactive material generated by reactor fuel.

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