New wind turbine design ready for commercialization

24 March 2005 – A wind turbine design that has been twenty years in development and combines increased efficiency with aesthetically pleasing qualities has been declared ready for commercial production.

In a significant departure from the traditional propeller wind turbines, the new design features three curving blades that come together at the top of the mast. The developer, McKenzie Bay, claims that the design is safer, quieter and more attractive than its competitors.

Brian Douglas, director of business development at the Association of Energy Engineers said: “This breakthrough design is one of the most innovative we have seen in years. We anticipate great things from this cutting edge wind power design and system, which seems to embody both renewable energy benefits and emerging technology advantages.”

WindStor Power Co., a wholly owned McKenzie Bay subsidiary, intends to sell electricity to customers and, after negotiating power purchase agreements, begin to manufacture and install WindStor turbines.

The design can be viewed at

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