Wind forecasts to help with Manitoba Hydro power scheduling uncertainties

8 June 2006 — 3TIER Environmental Forecast Group Inc. announced it has begun providing wind forecasting services for Manitoba Hydro, one of the largest energy and natural gas utilities in Canada. The forecast will be used to help Manitoba Hydro more efficiently integrate electricity generated at the new St. Leon Wind Energy Project into its power distribution grid.

Including the contract with Manitoba Hydro 3TIER said that it is now operationally forecasting more than 2,600 MW of wind energy throughout North America, representing nearly one-third of all wind energy on the continent.

Manitoba Hydro will be using 3TIER’s forecast suite to optimize power scheduling as it integrates electricity from the new 99 MW wind farm near St. Leon, Manitoba. The St. Leon Wind Energy Project, one of the largest wind farms in Canada, is managed by AirSource GP, a company owned jointly by Algonquin Power (St. Leon) Inc. and GreenWing Energy, Inc.

Wind is an emissions-free energy resource, but it is highly variable, which affects the integration of wind into an electricity generation and distribution grid. From an operational planning and power marketing standpoint, energy sources must be available when the wind is not blowing. 3TIER’s forecasting suite allows Manitoba Hydro to secure the information it needs to make critical operational decisions, including better day-ahead capacity predictions.

“Canada has a tremendous wind energy resource that is just beginning to be harnessed,” said Dr. Pascal Storck, president of 3TIER. “We look forward to working with Manitoba Hydro and other utilities across Canada to more efficiently integrate wind energy into their overall energy mix.”

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