Texas school district attracts wind project, offers tax break

U.S. Department of Energy DOE funding wind energy taller turbines research

The Cameron Wind project will bring 80 wind turbines to the Los Fresnos, Texas.

The turbines will be built on more than 7,000 acres, owned by private landowners who will charge rent for their property.

Apex Clean Energy (Apex), the developer has entered an agreement with the Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District, offering an eight-year tax break incentive.

Apex will pay taxes $10 million worth of the project for eight years, according to a report by the Valley Morning Star. The developer will then pay the district payments in lieu of taxes.

The actual value is more than $200 million.

The district’s website noted that they will receive about $7.7 million, saving the company approximately $8.5 million.

Ronnie Zamora, the coordinator of the communications and marketing office for the school district said the project will begin next year. Karlis Povisils, director of project development at Apex, added that the construction would begin no sooner than late summer 2014.

When completed, the project has the potential to power 55,000 average homes.

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