Colorado PUC Approves Settlement Resolving Three Xcel Energy Cases

By Editors of Power Engineering

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission approved a settlement resolving three major Xcel Energy cases involving electricity pricing and renewable energy.

The now-resolved cases involve Xcel phase II electric rate increase, a solar subscription program and the 2017 Renewable Energy compliance plan. The settlement was supported or unopposed by 24 of 26 intervenors in the various proceedings.

Additionally, the Colorado PUC added protections that limit the cost impact of continued solar development to ratepayers and preserves the ability of the PUC to determine the future fairness of proposed changes to how ratepayers will pay for electricity.

As a result of the settlement, the company can offer subscriptions to a new, 50-MW solar facility through its Renewable*Connect program, eliminate a proposed fixed monthly grid charge and acquire over 300 MW of on-site solar and community solar gardens through the suite of Solar*Rewards programs, among other moves. 

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