Solar jobs in US on the rise

Solar energy jobs in the U.S. are on the rise, by 13.2 percent from 2012, according to the Solar Foundation’s newly released interactive map. More than 119,000 people work in the solar energy industry; 43,000 of those workers are based in California. California, Arizona and New Jersey are acknowledged as offering the most solar energy jobs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics show that there are currently more solar energy workers than ranchers in Texas; and comparatively, solar employs more workers than coal miners.

The map also shows statistics for each state such as which companies are headquartered where and the number of solar energy jobs year-over-year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows that solar installation jobs, which are more common in the U.S., make about $38k/year, which is higher than the national average, listed at $34,750.

The Solar Foundation believes that salary will increase in the years to come due to a possible shortage of qualified workers.

Click here to view the interactive map .

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